Travel Guide of Kefalonia -Part 1

In part I we will present places that are top attractions on the island and must be seen.


1. Melissani Cave - Nymph Lake


One of the main attractions of Cephalonia is located in the town of Karavomylos. It's easy to get there by local bus departing from the island's capital - the city of Argostoli. The journey takes about 45 minutes and the price of a one-way ticket is around 4 euros. The costs do not include the same admission ticket to Melissani, the cost of which is 7 euros (adult) and 4 euros (child over 5 years old). The youngest participants under 5 years old can enter for free. Opening hours from 9 am to late afternoon.

The cave is undoubtedly the most anticipated attraction. The depth of the lake is up to 20-30 meters but there are also very shallow places up to 1 meter deep. The lake is 160 meters long and 40 meters wide. Stalactites found in the cave are products from 16 to 20 thousand years old. The lake water is a mixture of fresh groundwater and salt sea water, and its constant movement from one side to the other can be observed. The cave consists of two parts: the first where the ceiling collapsed, letting in the rays of the sun that illuminate the lake's waters, and the second where we already have darkness and a small island.

After collecting the ticket and going down the stairs you can immediately feel the variable temperature. Because the cave is a much cooler place and I give some respite from the heat outside. On your turn to get on a boat floating on the lake you have to wait a bit, but it is not very bothersome. There are about 10-15 people on one boat. The time of the whole trip is about 10 minutes. It is time not only to admire, but also to take pictures and videos. The beautiful blues surrounding visitors make them feel like they are in paradise. The color of the water is the result of the rays of sunlight coming through the upper hole. It is therefore worth visiting the caves in the afternoon, when the sun is at its highest.

There is also one of the myths associated with the cave, but we won't reveal this secret, we invite you to learn about it on our trips!

2. Drogarati Cave


The cave is located near the Melissani Cave. It was discovered about 300 years ago and made available for sightseeing in 1963. To get to it you have to overcome a large number of stairs leading down. The reward will definitely be a pleasant coolness inside the cave, a constant temperature of 18 degrees. Drogarati's beauty is associated with a huge amount of stalactites and stalagmites. Breath taking also collects its sheer size and especially the height - affecting the amazing acoustics used by many artists to perform concerts. The price of a normal ticket is 5 €.

3. Myrtos beach


One of the most beautiful and most often presented beaches in the promotion of Greek holidays. A place made famous by the movie, Captain Corelli, whose scenes were played here. Located between two mountains, rich in limestone, from which sediment accumulates on the beach in the form of stones, thus causing turquoise water. The road to the beach is extremely winding and steep, 2 km long. The beach can also be admired from two viewpoints, well developed for taking photos by travelers. The beach is one of the largest, its length is about 700 meters and width is 100 meters. In the high season, you can use the small snack bar, toilets, fresh water showers, and rent chairs and umbrellas. On very windy days, Myrtos becomes dangerous. There are strong waves that, in a duet with a significant fall in the ground, create uninteresting situations that we had e.g. in the 2019 season. In addition, it is worth remembering that this is largely a rocky beach, so swimming shoes are mandatory. Another issue is allergies, e.g. to insect bites, including wasps. People who are allergic or unsure about allergies can buy a special adrenaline injection at the pharmacy, which should be kept in refrigerated conditions (price around € 40-70). It is worth knowing that we have a shadow on Myrtos only in the morning, until around 10:00. Then we have a real frying pan. Take umbrellas, hats and sunscreen creams with you.

4. Assos


One of the three most popular traditional villages located in Cephalonia. A village with traditional houses, located on a beautiful bay with crystal clear water. The village is surrounded by countless green pines, cypresses and plane trees. Along the bay there is a port and a beach where taverns are located. Assos is located about 36km from the capital - Argostoli, you need to settle for about 45 minutes journey. In addition to the amazing climate and the surroundings of beautiful bougainvillea, we can admire the ruins of the Venetian castle rising on the top of the peninsula, from which there is a beautiful view of the entire Assos. Assos is tiny town and there are not many parking spaces. We have one parking lot, but at the peak of the season it is not enough and there are problems, as most roads are completely blocked, including the fact that sometimes you can't drive a car. If you go there alone, pay attention to where you can park and where it is not advisable. If you do not feel strong enough to drive very narrow and winding roads, there is always a trip option and we invite you to come with us!

5. Fiskardo


The small fishing village located in the north belongs to one of the most beautiful on the island. Almost unaffected by the great earthquake (1953), it preserved traditional buildings and their colors refer to the Venetian style of the time. The main point is the port along which there are restaurants, taverns and cafes, where you can try local dishes and delicacies. The setting is also perfect for a romantic dinner. For those who want historical monuments, it is worth visiting the Naval and Environmental Museum and paying attention to the Ag. Andreas excavations from Roman times. Fiskardo is one of the Greek places known on a global scale, to which great stars came, e.g. Madonna or Nicolas Cage. Near the town there is the beach Empilisi and Foki, where you can plunge into the blue water.

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