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During our tour we will see the most traditional villages on Ithaca: Kioni and Vathy, we will visit some historical places connected with Odysseus and his kingdom. There will be also time for swimming and rest at the most beautiful beaches with crystal blue water. Always there will be some very small addition of religious places among colorful and picturesque landscapes. Are you ready for unforgettable time with us ? Let's meet the kingdom of Odysseus together ! 

During this tour we will travel by ferry boat (Sami-Ithaca-Sami), duration 45 minutes oneway.

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Read this and immerse yourself in the history of the Odyssey.... 

,,What can happen, nobody predicts … One thing is certain – sweet betrayal will be spoken of today … In blissful peace we have to indulge in the neighboring land, the famous name but the empty interior, dotted with villages without a living soul, among the secrets of the floating over the mountains and olive trees that know more than a few years ago … The island of Odysseus, because we are talking about it today, was carefully covered with a lampshade slowing life in constant running … It forced us a lot – patience, perseverance, serenity even when breathless we entered the kingdom, without a vision of what we would find, just to look at the land below, in the same way as its ruler … We entered a space where you want to squeeze as much as possible from every second, where you want to leave to come back … Now he will always call us from afar, our beloved island of calmness…” Ecotravel Kefalonia

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