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Myrtos Beach with the wild sage harvested in the early summer


Explosion of kefalonian flavours – food tour on the local citizens footpaths


Special program which will wake up all your senses. Taking part in production of the local dishes, meeting local small producers and what is the most important tasting their unique and organic products:

- honey tasting

- wine production & tasting

- olive oil production & tasting

- cheese production

- harvesting grapes (in the season)

- harvesting herbs (in the season)

- tasting seasonal fruits

- cooking lesson and afterwards full, traditional greek meal

This program will change the way you perceive external stimuli, you will learn how to feel, how to taste and how to see through the eyes of your imagination.


Program is available only for small groups 4-7 people (smaller or bigger groups only by request)

Duration: we don't count the moments and the sounds of the ticking hands of the clock. We are limited only by the sun hiding behind the horizon and the moon shining in the dark starry sky.

The program starts in the morning or in the late afternoon (on request)

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