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  • According to the name this places are stunning and shining like a PEARLS – the most popular on the island. Visit in the caves with spectacular art of the nature and some mythological curiosities, walk in the most picturesque and colorful villages, admiring the never ending blue of the sea, finally discover few secrets carefully hidden away from the inquisitive eyes.

  • Huge adventure during which all the senses will work at their best. Be ready for visit historical sites, small traditional villages and following the paths which will lead you to the breathtaking views and beaches with crystal water. We will leave the road and show you the calmness of Ithaca, creating the unforgettable experiences of your life… After you will want to come back here as soon as it’s possible !

  • Immerse yourself in the blue depth of the Ionian Sea! Travel along the coast and find the most spectacular beaches, where the shades of the sea are changing according to the rhythm of the wind… Spoil yourself with the rays of the sun and the warmth of the pebbles under your feet.

  • Create your dream adventure on Kefalonia or Ithaca island. According to your interests and type of the group, we prepare special, individual sightseeing program. We don't have any restrictions, so let your imagination work! Mountains, trails, hiking, swimming in the sea, exploring the nature? Everything is possible. Spend time only with your family, friends or partner and enjoy the moment! 

  • The shortest trip in our offer. Express rate combined with the maximum amount of information on the biggest attractions of Kefalonia, called by us the Three Pearls! An ideal option for those who value more rest on the beaches and want to see only what is most associated with the island.

  • An option for people who have more time and want to see the most important attractions and places not yet discovered!

About Us


A longtime resident of Kefalonia, professional licensed driver,  he will introduce you to the world of local wines, culture and history of the island.


 Tour guide, lover of nature and animal protection, will take care of the proper organization of tours and contact with clients.

The day has come when we should say a little about us.  I am Agata and I have been lucky to live in beautiful Kefalonia for three years. Together with my husband - Aris  we organize trips on Kefalonia and Ithaca. Our office is Ecotravel Kefalonia - that is travel that brings you closer to nature and eliminates harmful activities, including bad mood. It is travel in a way similar to the economical, but also enriching with experiences and memories.
Some time ago, we looked at our beautiful, wild Kefalonia with delight. Proud that we have lived in such a place, perfect for many, many of you. We were in love in places where silence played the first violin, and the sea and the breeze were our only companions. Today, many of these places are missing, you need to look for silence with a candle ... Somewhere beyond the borders of all top attractions, where there is no straight path, are our little secret places. Here time stands still. Money plays no role. The melody of the surrounding nature creates a special concert for the ears and the eyes begin to shine with millions of surrounding colors. We are here because we want to show people that you can experience your vacation in a completely different, unspecified way. We are also here to lead safely to places that only local people know about. We are finally here to wake up mature travelers in tourists ... We do not direct our travels, we give free choice, valuable tips and time that is lacking in everyday life. We create a frame for a colorful picture that you create yourself, rediscovering your own passions and emotions.
If you are willing to travel, in which the concept of the rule is eliminated, please contact us and visit our profiles.

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Kefalonia, Greece

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