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Journey to Kefalonia 

Kefalonia is a place so easy to get to from all over the world! 

One airplane or few hours of travel and you will be in our PARADISE ! 

Below you will find some of the propositions how to get to the stunning island:

1. Journey from Poland 


Starting our journey in Poland from cities such as Poznan or even Warsaw Modlin we have to go to Athens. I advise you to choose the cheapest carrier - Ryanair. Cutting costs will come handy, as the journey from Athens to Kefalonia can be even twice as expensive. Of course, we can go from Warsaw Chopin Airport with Aegan Airlines. Depending on the time of arrival to Athens, we can choose two options of reaching Cephononia: a flight with Olympic Air or Sky Express directly to Kefalonia (cost from 20-100 euros) or a KTEL bus ride - the length of the journey is about 7 hours (including 1 , 5-3,5 hours on the ferry + cost about 45 euros). To reach the KTEL stop, you should go to the center. This is an extra cost (6 euro bus or 10 euro metro / person).


Other connections are available in the summer season. A trip from Poland (Poznań, Warsaw and Katowice) to Peloponnese - Patra Araxos Airport (GPA). Charter flights are available in the TUI offer. Prices range from PLN 600-1200 in two directions (registered baggage 20 kg + 5 kg hand luggage). This option requires a little more independence. At the airport in Peloponnese, take a taxi (cost about 50 euros, about 40 minutes), which will take us to the port of Kyllini. At the port you must purchase a ferry ticket to Kefalonia (about 10 euros / person). Travel by ferry lasts 1h 15 minutes and the city where we will leave will be Poros. Depending on the location of our accommodation, we can again order a taxi or get on one of the KTEL buses (paying extra fees, of course, for a trip to Argostoli).


Another suggestion is a trip to Corfu (eg Ryanair or another carrier in the summer season, e.g. TUI, ITAKA, Rainbowtours). Then the only option is to travel by plane from Corfu to Cephalonia (cost 74 euro one way / carry-on baggage max. 8 kg). At the unfavorable arrival time in Corfu, you will need to stay overnight, but the advantage is the opportunity to visit the old town of Corfu, because it is near the airport.


Another option is a trip to London Stansted (eg from Poznań - Ryanair) and then from London Stansted directly to Kefalonia. There are also connections from Berlin (EasyJet) or Frankfurt International (Ryanair) directly to Kefalonia.


Next option I will present is a flight from Poland to Zakynthos. From the airport on the island, take a taxi (about 50 euros, 45 minutes) and get to the port of Agios Nikolaos. At the port, buy a ferry ticket to Kefalonia (about 10 euros / person, 1.5 hours). The city where we will be leaving in Kefalonia will be Pessada. Continue on to the place of accommodation - by taxi.


Last option is flight to Mediolan Bergamo for example from Poznan with Ryanair with great prices.  Here you will need to catch another airplane directly to Kefalonia ! It's so easy !


As you can see, there are a lot of connections and anyone who wants to discover the island by themselves will find something for themselves. I recommend one of the above options plus hotel accommodation, which we can choose, for example, on Do not worry about getting from the airport or from the port to the hotel. It is worth asking at the hotel for a transfer and help in getting there.

2. Journey from other countries by low cost airlines:

London Stansted to Kefalonia (Ryanair)

Bristol to Kefalonia (Easy Jet)

London Gatwick to Kefalonia (Easy Jet)

Manchester to Kefalonia (Easy Jet)

Mediolan Bergamo to Kefalonia (Ryanair)

Mediolan Malpensa to Kefalonia (Easy Jet)

Bolonia To Kefalonia (Ryanair)

Piza to Kefalonia (Ryanair)

Venetia - Marco Polo to Kefalonia (Easy Jet)

Athens to Kefalonia (Aegean Airlines, Olympic, Sky Express)

Corfu to Kefalonia (Olympic air, Sky Express)

Zakynthos to Kefalonia (Olympic air, Sky Express) 

Vienna to Kefalonia (Ryanair)

Berlin Tegel to Kefalonia (Ryanair, Easy Jet)

Frankfurt International to Kefalonia (Ryanair)

Frankfurt - Hahn to Kefalonia (Ryanair) 

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