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Explore the most stunning and blue places on Kefalonia! Travel with us along the coast to Agia Kiriaki port. Take taxi boat to the Fteri beach, where you will have 2 hours for swimming! After return to the Agia Kiriaki port,  drive with us the the tiny, isolated Vouti beach for another swimming stop (1h). In the end try local cuisine at the Petani beach and end your day as the locals - drinking your freddo cappuccino! Sounds great? Don't wait! Take your relaxing day on Kefalonia at the most beautiful beaches ! 

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Read this and imagine the color and sound of the sea...

,, An old forgotten boat stands in the harbor by a completely empty beach … you can still see the last breeze of wild Kefalonia … Next to the tavern with no menu, serving fish that were caught every morning. I walk on the sand with small stones of various colors, I am looking for a reason why the tentacles of tourist crowds have not stuck here yet … I know well the reason for my surprise – I am in an oasis – between two giants gathering more and more harvest each season … I am in the middle of an unspoiled village, which is a reflection of just many ideas about our Kefalonia. I am in this place and I want more places like this – simple, surprising, calming, where you can organize your thoughts, spend time with yourself and appreciate the beauty of the world.”

Ecotravel Kefalonia

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