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Argostoli - Ranking of attractions

Hello! Due to the large number of inquiries about the attractions of Argostoli, today we will try to list those that you can freely visit on your own!

Here we go! :)

1. Port of Argostoli - Caretta caretta turtles. Probably one of the most important attractions for which you need to stay in the capital at least for a moment! An undoubted attraction for families with children and nature lovers. Come here (where you can see the boats of fishermen selling freshly caught fish) in the morning, between 8:00 and 12:00 and next to your feet giant sea turtles will swim. Pay attention to their size and length of tails - this is one of the most important features by which you will recognize whether it is a female (short tail) or male (long tail). If you have an important question, surely volunteers in blue blouses are walking somewhere nearby, closely watching the behavior of turtles, they are experts and will definitely give you an exhaustive answer! When leaving, do not forget to take souvenir photos, maybe you will come back here and meet the same turtles.


2. Bridge De Bosset - walking along the sea line, you pass two markets on the left with fresh fruit and vegetables! How wonderful they smell, buy a fresh melon or watermelon on the way back and enjoy it in your free time :) You go the second, new part of the promenade, you see here the Greek passion for coffee, sit and drink their espresso freddo for hours. Well ... you can see the bridge in front of you - it is the De Bosset bridge, the longest stone bridge ot the sea in the world, its length is up to 700 meters! Take a walk around it, feel the breeze, so pleasant on these hot days. In the center of the bridge you can see a stone monument commemorating its British builders.
























3. Laguna Koutavos - by leaving the bridge you can go left, i.e. continue along the sea line. Here you will find something for fans of pedal boats. You can rent any equipment here and spend pleasant moments with your family or friends. However, we will remain true to Greek customs and will swear on the glass of freddo cappuccino!


4. Botanical Garden - it is better to use Google navigation here and simply enter "Botanical Garden". He's at the police station, you have to take the right. It's great, on a hot day, take shelter in the shade of trees, feel the smell of Cephalonia herbs and breathe fresh air! Typical Kefalon endemic plants that you will find only here, medicine-used plants, a city garden or a small pond are just a few corners of the garden, you will certainly discover much more, but you have to find out for yourself!


5. Lithostroto - a street with ... souvenirs! It starts at the public theater and ends ... well, it ends where the typical stone tiles for this place end. The main attractions here (starting from the theater side) are the church of St. Spirydona on the left; only catholic church of saint. Nicholas - on the right, a factory of traditional Kefalonian sweets mantoles (left side) and a clock square with a clock tower visible - here one of the interesting events took place ... This street delights some and pushes others away ... In the season crowded and noisy, it is not always what tourists expect. Check it out and let us know how it was in your case!


6. Museum of History and Folklore of the Corrections - you will get here by entering the street to the left of the Theater. Following straight ahead you can see the Corrections Library, the Museum is located in the library building on the right from the library entrance. It is an offer mainly for people interested in history and folklore, you can see exhibitions of ancient Cephalonia.


7. Focas Foundation - Cosmetatos - this museum is located right next to the office of our office (by the way we invite you to visit!). Two exhibitions: the history of money and the earthquake of 1953. Exhibitions are conducted in English. This museum is connected by an admission ticket to the Botanical Garden, i.e. buying one ticket for the price you have two attractions.


8. Platia Valianou - leaving the Focas - Cosmetatou building, heading right, you reach the main square, Platia Valianou. Around restaurants, cafes or what the soul wants at the end of the day. In the evening, this place is wonderfully illuminated by a central meeting point for locals and children's games.


I think these are places worth visiting, in general in the center of Argostoli, you only need about half a day, it's better to choose the first part of the day, when it is all open (around 14:00), then we recommend going for a blissful rest on one of the beaches Lassi.

Have a nice day!

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